Stripper Life is a site dedicated to all things stripping. It is a centralized location for stripper stories, news, club ratings, shopping, support, and advocacy. The site also features an internal social network where members can create their own discussions, befriend each other, join groups, and chat. Unlike most other related blogs, membership and posts are not limited to just strippers or sex workers. Their patrons and any other interested people are welcomed. The aim is to provide all perspectives surrounding the Stripper Life. This is a new website (Winter 2020) that is still a work in progress.


There are actually not that many websites revolving around the Stripper Life. There are a few good blogs, but many of them are dated and no longer active. The few active ones tend to be personal narratives, not a site for everyone’s stories and experiences. Then there are a few websites that do discuss the broader realm of the world of adult dancing. However, based on what I’ve viewed thus far, those websites are centered around content from strippers or sex workers only. While others can obviously review the content, they are excluded from contributing. That is limiting in my view. Whether its good or bad to you personally, wouldn’t you like to process other viewpoints rather than live in a bubble of positive feedback.

That being said, this site will hopefully not be all serious and provide a place for dancers, patrons, or others to share, vent, learn, socialize, and opine. For the most part, all topics will be considered, as long as they don’t involve violence, threats, stalking, or degradation of others. Ultimately, I wish that this site becomes self sufficient without the need of much of my own input – a place for dancers or patrons who don’t want to create their own blog to still converse.

Who Am I?

My name is Noah (a pseudonym) and I am a male, strip-club VIP, and stripper addict. I do not state those as a matter of pride, but rather as a statement of fact. If anything, I am uneasy with those proclamations. Given these facts, I imagine some dancers will be turned off by me being the creator of this website/blog. But as a regular strip-club patron, someone who has a fucked a few dancers, and has been a friend to many, I feel like I’m just as qualified as any other. However, I am of the opinion that it shouldn’t matter and anyone should be able to provide their viewpoint. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

I also hope those that partake in content creation and discussions are honest, including myself. I will not be dishonest, but I’m still undecided on how much I will reveal. That remains to be seen. I will say that I am really nobody. I’m a middle-aged, upper middle-class, divorced father of a boy. I am of mixed ethnicity, fairly quiet and reserved, and lead quite a boring life. Those that know me outside of the strip club would probably not guess that I frequent clubs and am addicted to such a life. Yet here I am, fueling my addiction.

In my goal to be honest, I will also admit that the creation of this site is somewhat a selfish act. It is a way to deal with some guilt, gain some understanding of my addiction, and expend some creative energy. Additionally, I will admit that the idea for this site was somewhat borne out of a website/blog I started in 2019 (my first blog) named “142 Days of Daphne,” which I have since taken down. That blog was about a 142-day relationship I had with a dancer who I fell in love with and ultimately crushed me. The website was effectively a diary I used to cope. The blog was not intended to be about dating a stripper, rather losing the love of my life, but I nonetheless found myself with a lot of writings about dating a stripper, being addicted to strippers, and commenting on those that strip. 

This website is not just about me, so I will refrain from providing a more detailed biography here. I do intend to re-post some of the blog content I wrote for 142 Days of Daphne to the posts of this website.